Bioteknologifirma inngår flerårig avtale med HV Plast

HV Plast har fått en fot innenfor bioteknologibransjen. -Dette kan være begynnelsen på noe stort, sier daglig leder Tormod Lie…

HV Plast has become member of “Plastnett Innlandet”.

Plastnett Innlandet is an association for plastic processing industry in Eastern Norway. Members include companies like Raufoss Water & Gas,…


Work at HV Plast? If we currently do not have an open position in your field, be updated on these pages or…

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HV Plast AS
Hvervenmovn. 25
N-3511 Hønefoss

Phone: +47 32 11 44 60
Fax: +47 32 11 44 66

Quality Targeted quality work

HV Plast is focused on targeted and systematic quality control. We have ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certification. IATF 16949 is a quality standard for the automotive industry with focus on customer requirements, and it is very few producers in Norway who holds this certification.

Contact Location

HV Plast AS is located in eastern Norway. From Hønefoss it's less than an hour to Oslo, Drammen Harbour and Gardermoen, and this makes us an efficient partner for industry in both Norway and Europe.

Development Focus on automation

HV Plastic has a high degree of automation, resulting in low staffing. With high turnover and low fixed costs, we are a very competitive player on the market.

About us HV Plast AS
- A solid choice

HV Plast AS is a leading manufacturer of injection molded plastic products. When we started production of engineering plastics in 1945, we were the first in Norway.