Wide range of products

Whatever your needs – we have high standards of quality, and can always find the best solutions. Our strength is the effectivness and variation in production. We make everything from parts of hot-water heaters for OSO to car parts for TI Group and Kongsberg Automotive. HV Plast has a very broad portfolio of products, and high demands on

  • Finish and strength
  • tolerance
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Our company has a wide range of type of product articles with shot weights from 0.1 to 4 kg. We emphasize close cooperation with our customers in developing new products. Through this process, the products become production-friendly and cost effective!

Varied and good solutions With our expertise and thorough knowledge of moulds and materials, we can be a constructive part in your product-development. We also cooperate with competent external mouldmakers. We use many different plastics with different properties, since the choice of plastic material is based on capabilities and use of the product. HDPE is the most widely used plastic type, but we produce in polypropylene, polyamide, ABS, POM, and a variety of other materials. Supplier of products and services As a supplier we take responsibility for the entire process. We provide both manufacturing, assembly, warehouse storage and logistics – our job is complete when the products arrive your customers.