Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety components

Autronica Fire and Security is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire safety equipment. The products ensure safety in applications on land and sea worldwide. The company is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and employs more than 380 people with great skill and experience in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of fire safety equipment. Autronica Fire and Security AS is an international company based in Trondheim.


Components for breaksystems

Kongsberg Automotive is headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, and has 33 production facilities in 20 countries. The company, with revenues of about MEUR 850 and approx. 10.000 employees, provides system solutions to vehicle makers around the world.


Components for fuel tank systems

TI Automotive’s Fuel Tank Systems Division develops and manufactures innovative, award-winning fuel tank systems for diesel, gasoline and flex-fuel applications. TI Automotive fuel tanks improve fuel system performance and are engineered for a wide range of packaging options, reduced evaporative emissions and low weight. TI Automotive has 18,500 employees at 130 locations in 28 countries

Window and door production

Components for windows

Nordan is one of the leading suppliers of windows and doors in Scandinavia with 1300 employees and a turnover of 1,4 billion NOK.

Production el. comp. & equip.

Light switches
Various electric components

ELKO is the leading supplier of electrical equipment in the Nordic region. They have produced electrical outlets, light switches and other electrical equipment for over 60 years. ELKO stands for high quality and durability. Products from ELKO you can find in most Scandinavian homes. ELKO is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of electronic equipment and components, control systems, and telecommunications and networking products. The company has 174 employees in Norway, 23 in Sweden and 11 in Finland. ELKO has turnover of approx. NOK 670 million.

Production of water heaters

Parts for water heaters

Europe's leading manufacturer of stainless steel water heaters. The business is divided into 3 main markets: Norway, export and OEM. OSO has a turnover of approx. NOK 500 million.

Valves and equipment for water heaters

Components for valves etc.

Sole AS is a family owned business in Eggedal, Norway. They have delivered valves and other equipment for water heaters through 3 generations. The products are developed and manufactured in a modern production-plant. Sole AS turnover is approx. NOK 75 million, and has 40 employees.